About The Green River Trail in SeaTac, WA

The Green River Trail is a 19.6-mile-long pedestrian and bicycle trail in King County, Washington, USA. It runs along the Green and Duwamish rivers, crossing them on bridges several times. The trail winds through a variety of landscapes, including forests, fields, and urban areas. Once you reach its end, you’ll have a complete view of King County, including the downtown skyline and the famous Space Needle.

At the southwest end of the trailhead parking lot, the Highline Trail descends along a gentle grade through trees. At 0.3 miles, the trail meets with the Horse Trail and swings around the foot of lower Green River Lake. Along the way, you’ll see some old cabins from the historic Osborn homestead. From there, the Highline Trail continues north toward the Roaring Fork Basin. As you near the top of the park’s slopes, look out for the sign pointing left.

Aside from the trails, King County is planning an extension of the Green River Trail to the south park area. The new trail would reach S Director Street and 14th Ave S. A narrow sidewalk currently lines the highway onramp. This connection is not as intuitive as one would hope. A standard-width trail would make the Green River Trail more visible and accessible. In addition, it would make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the trail.

The trail is accessible from several locations. Many local businesses have picnic tables and viewpoints set up on the trail, which makes it convenient for people of all abilities. The trail will be a great multi-use regional trail for everyone. If you’re new to hiking or biking, try the Interurban Trail, which is often used by commuters. The Interurban Trail passes through several historic industrial areas and crosses the Green River Valley. Afterward, head back up Interstate 5 and continue on the Green River Trail.

The Green River Trail starts near Fort Dent Park and continues along the river. It crosses Interstate 405 by a small bridge. Along the way, the paved trail rolls alongside BNSF Railway and under Puget Sound Energy power lines. A scenic view of the city’s skyline and a break from the noise of the highways will greet you. The trail continues to a nearby golf course, providing a respite from the noise and exhaust of the highway.

While you’re hiking on the Green River Trail, make sure to stop by some of the beautiful waterfalls along the way. You’ll also find a scenic viewpoint, the Rowena Crest Viewpoint. You can also stop by Trillium Lake, which offers a unique perspective of Mount Hood. And don’t miss the chance to view Mount Hood from the shores of the lake. It is one of the many reasons to enjoy the Green River Trail.

If you’re looking for a little culture along the trail, Bellingham is the place for you. It’s home to Western Washington University and a vibrant downtown area. If you love the outdoors, check out the Bellevue Arts Museum and its enchanting downtown park. Besides the Green River Trail, Bellevue has great Asian food. There’s a Best Western Plaza by the Green hotel located nearby. It’s easy to find delicious food and drink in this town.

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