About The Rochester Museum & Science Center in NY

Located in Rochester, New York, the RMSC Rochester Museum & Science Center is dedicated to local history, science and education. In addition to the museum, the organization operates a 900-acre nature preserve, which features a planetarium and nature walks. Here, you can explore the diverse collections of the Rochester Museum & Science Center. Read on for more information! Interested in going? Learn more about the museum’s attractions, including its Strasenburgh Planetarium.

In addition to its permanent collections, the RMSC also hosts traveling exhibits and temporary exhibitions. Some of the most notable past exhibits include Frogs A Chorus of Colors, Da Vinci–The Genius, and Dinosaurs. You can also visit the museum’s library to learn more about the history of play, its impact on human development, and its history. The RMSC is a great place to visit with family and friends.

RMSC is committed to addressing racism in society, a mission that is supported through its mission. The museum collaborates with local organizations and individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages, communities of origin, and abilities to create a welcoming, inclusive environment. The museum also welcomes people of all abilities and backgrounds to participate in educational programs. The mission of the RMSC is to become a destination for all people.

In 1912, the city of Rochester passed an ordinance creating the Rochester Museum & Science Center. The museum began as the Rochester Municipal Museum, dedicated to the collection of local relics. Its first curator was Edward D. Putnam, who served as museum first curator. The museum was managed by the Public Library Board until 1925 when it was made a city department with commissioners. Currently, the museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

RMSC Rochester Museum & Science Center offers a wide variety of exhibits and events. Among the popular attractions at the museum are the Warner Castle, the Greater Rochester Vietnam Memorial, Lamberton Conservatory, and the Strasenburgh Planetarium. Those who are interested in history, science, and the Underground Railroad will definitely find something of interest at RMSC Rochester Museum & Science Center. The museum also hosts a monthly concert series called the “Rocket Society”.

While the RMSC is a place of wonder, it does acknowledge that it sits on the unceded land of the Onondowa’ga’ (Seneca) people of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The Seneca placename for Rochester, NY, is Gasgo’sago’h. The museum acknowledges the displacement of Indigenous peoples and the unjust legacy of colonialism, and it honors its Haudenosaunee and Seneca communities.

Another place to visit at the RMSC Rochester Museum & Science Center is the House of Guitars. Founded by Armand and Bruce Schaubroek in 1964, this is the largest guitar store in the world! The shop features classics and modern selections at affordable prices. You can also get a guitar or a banjo at a discount! It’s a fun way to spend the day.

The RMSC is home to the world’s oldest photography museum and the largest film archive. The library has increased in size and content as a result of donations, and the RMSC also has a large water park. With over 70 attractions and exhibits, RMSC is sure to be a fun day out. If you’re traveling with children, take them to Artisan Works to see the creative process in action.

Another cool place to visit in Rochester is the Mount Hope Cemetery. While it may sound morbid, the historic site is actually home to many notable individuals. This cemetery has monuments to human rights leaders and activists. Nearby downtown is the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, dedicated to the late civil rights leader. The museum is located in the historic building where Anthony spent her life and was arrested in 1872. You can also visit her house and learn about her life.

The museum has a variety of programs for children, including a Choose Your Own Adventure Tour. In this tour, you choose which exhibits and collections you’d like to see. Your tour guide will ask you whether you’d like to see natural science specimens, textiles, technology collections, military paraphernalia, or art. The tour is interactive, and you can interact with the people around you. There’s no need to rush through the museum to get a full appreciation of all of the exhibits.

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