About The Treasure Chest Casino in Kenner, LA

If you are a resident of Kenner, Louisiana, you may have heard about the Treasure Chest Casino. Currently operating in the same location as its predecessor, the casino will generate about $4 million in revenue per year. With the planned expansion, that number could rise to more than $5 million annually. The city will use that money to pay off debt, upgrade city infrastructure, and fund the police department. The casino will remain open while construction takes place.

The current Treasure Chest Casino is docked on Lake Pontchartrain in Kenner, Louisiana. The company that owns it, Boyd Gaming, announced plans to move the floating casino to land. The new casino will open in late 2023, and construction will begin this summer. In keeping with the community’s hopes, the new casino will be closer to residents than ever. And with the new casino coming to town, local businesses will have a reason to celebrate.

This casino is located in an area known as Laketown. With several riverfront attractions nearby, the Treasure Chest could help revitalize the area. The area also includes a waterfront fishing pier, and Pontchartrain Center, as well as boat launches and other tourist attractions. And if you’re a resident of Kenner, you should consider a visit to this exciting casino! This casino may just become your new favorite hangout.

As a part of its expansion plans, the Treasure Chest Casino is moving onto land. The new casino will be built on the site of the current parking lot and will feature a 47,000-square-foot casino and a 10,000-square-foot meeting room. In addition to the casino’s gaming, the new building will have a sportsbook and a steakhouse. Once completed, the casino will be able to expand its space and attract even more guests.

Currently, the Treasure Chest has a lease of 25 years with five 10-year renewal options. As long as the new casino is built on the same parking lot, the new casino could benefit the town. The Treasure Chest’s revenue helps cover the city’s budget. The proposed new location for the casino is expected to open in late 2023. If you’re a resident of Kenner, this may be a good time to visit the city and check out Treasure Chest Casino Kenner Louisiana.

The Olympus strikes casino, located on the second floor, features an arcade-style layout and a bonus system. This casino also includes a Vegas-style gaming control commission, and its games are governed by state law. Its games are fun, fast, and affordable. A good place to start if you are in the area. If you love the thrill of winning, try out the Treasure Chest Casino Kenner Louisiana!

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