About The Susan Park in Kenner, LA

There is a public playground at Susan Park, a neighborhood in Kenner, Louisiana. The area is managed by the Kenner Parks Department. For more information about this park, please visit the website below. You can view a 6-day weather forecast for Susan Park. Today’s temperatures are in the mid-60s. The sun will rise at 11:00 AM and set at 1:05 AM. Winds will be blowing at 6 MPH. Visibility is 20 percent. The UV index is 0 today.

Susan Park is located in Jefferson Parish. Nearby shopping centers include the Sam’s Club and Hope Day Care and Development Center. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is just 1 mile south of the area. Another shopping center within the area is the Esplanade Mall, 1 mile northeast of the community. There are many restaurants, parks, and activities in the area. A great location for families in Kenner! If you’re looking for a new home in Kenner, consider Susan Park.

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