About The Kenner Planetarium and MegaDome Cinema in LA

The historic Kenner Planetarium and MegaDome cinema are located in the city of Kenner, Louisiana. The planetarium has a colorful history and welcomes guests from all walks of life. Dedicated to the universe of space and science, this movie house has 118 stadium-style seats. The Planetarium Box Office is open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekends.

Tickets to both the MegaDome Cinema and Planetarium are available online, and the box office opens at 10:45 am on Saturdays and 10:45 am on Sundays. During the week, the Planetarium is open until midnight. Kenner is just a few minutes from downtown New Orleans and is close to the Mississippi River and Rivertown, a historic 12-block neighborhood. During your visit, you’ll find several family-friendly restaurants and cultural attractions.

The city of Kenner has a 16-block riverfront district that features a historic district and the Louis Armstrong International Airport. The Kenner Planetarium and MegaDome Cinema are two must-see attractions for families. While visiting the city, be sure to take time to check out the City Park, which is home to the Mardi Gras Museum, a children’s castle, and a Native American village. If you have kids, make sure to take them to the Louisiana Toy Train Museum and the MegaDome Cinema.

If you’re looking for a way to spend your evening, don’t miss the Rivertown Theatres, which are located in a historic district. The area is dotted with historic buildings, markets, and cafes. You can spend your time at the Kenner Planetarium and MegaDome Cinema. You can enjoy a 50-foot domed planetarium and an incredible movie experience in one of the city’s most iconic buildings.

The city is also home to the Children’s Museum of Denver, where you can experience hands-on science experiments. The museum features a full-size NASA International Space Station prototype, one of only two prototypes in existence today. Other attractions include interactive exhibits on insects, minerals, and optical illusions. You can also participate in special events and festivals here. There are plenty of fun things to do during your visit to Kenner Planetarium and MegaDome Cinema, so consider taking your family for a date night out.

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