About The USS KIDD Veterans Museum in Baton Rouge, LA

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful way to spend your Memorial Day weekend, consider touring the USS KIDD Veterans Museum in Baton Rouge. This authentically restored National Historic Landmark is sure to enchant you with its intricate models of historic artifacts and the stories that they tell. And, don’t forget to visit Louisiana Memorial Plaza to honor Louisiana citizens who have died in combat. The museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is $8 for adults and $7 for seniors and active-duty military with valid ID. Children under five can visit for free.

Visitors will be able to tour the hull and deck of the WWII destroyer, which is still operational today. The museum is also open to the public for special events. Visitors can experience the ship’s interior, which is a true testament to her role in the war. The USS KIDD was the only ship of its kind to survive World War II and is one of the most important naval ships of the war. The museum is a tribute to the men and women who fought to protect the nation.

The KIDD has slowly been restored to its August 1945 configuration. Each compartment of the ship has been treated as a display case, with artifacts and items placed where they were when sailors were living aboard. For more than thirty years, the museum has sought out vintage World War II equipment and weapons. The search for such equipment took the museum to many locations around the world. In 1984, the Dutch fleet oiler ZUIDERKRUIS made a visit to Baton Rouge and transferred two twin 20-mm gun mounts and two Mk-16 depth charge projectors to the KIDD. It also provided the museum with twelve 20-mm magazine drums.

The USS KIDD is a World War II Fletcher-class destroyer. The museum’s interiors feature exhibits of P-40 aircraft, military ship models, and a replica of the gun deck. There’s also a Louisiana Memorial Plaza and a Corsair A-7E jet. A general tour of the USS KIDD Veterans Museum will take approximately one and a half hours, while group tours can last longer depending on the size of the group.

The USS KIDD served in the Pacific on anti-Soviet submarine patrols. During its time on the island-hopping campaign, the Kidd performed various roles. During the battle for Okinawa, she screened battleships, bombarded shore targets, rescued downed pilots, sunk floating mines, and provided early warning of Japanese raids. Additionally, she guarded the heavily damaged aircraft carrier Franklin and helped shoot kamikazes.

The USS KIDD Veterans Museum is dedicated to honoring the men and women who have served on this ship. The ship was the last of its kind during the Korean War and fought to protect the carrier. The KIDD served in the Destroyer Division and Destroyer Squadron 48. Its crew of 79 men was harmed during the kamikaze attack. The USS KIDD was not damaged in this battle, and its crew fought valiantly to keep the carrier afloat.

The USS KIDD Veterans Museum offers special programs and exhibits to Baton Rouge residents and visitors. It also maintains archives for educational purposes. Previously, the USS KIDD Veterans Museum was scheduled to open before the Jewish Film Festival in January. However, the museum was forced to change its opening date because of a rescheduling. However, the museum is now open and welcomes everyone.

In March 1951, the Kidd was commissioned for service and headed to the western Pacific. It relieved the destroyer BROWN (DD-546) and bombarded targets of opportunity along the eastern coastline of Korea. The KIDD had a long and successful career during the Korean War but was finally decommissioned in November of the same year. After serving in the Pacific Reserve Fleet for almost two years, the museum opened on October 7, 1952, and the museum continues to display artifacts of its crew.

As one of the only destroyers in the United States Navy to fly a pirate flag, the USS KIDD is an excellent place to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of Pearl Harbor. You can tour the ship and examine authentic soldier uniforms, touch a granite wall, and learn more about the history of the US Navy. You can also purchase souvenirs and commemorative items. So, go ahead and visit the USS KIDD and see its fascinating history.

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