About The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Events in Kissimmee, FL

When it comes to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Events, you will definitely want to experience the atmosphere. The event itself is set up in the style of a medieval castle, and you’ll enjoy the horsemanship and falconry demonstrations. In addition, you can expect a 4-course meal served in a space reminiscent of a medieval castle. In addition to the jousting, these events will also feature a 4-course meal.

For an authentic experience, you can choose a ticket that includes a two-hour battle. You can cheer on your favorite knight, as well as learn about the history of falconry, a fascinating aspect of Medieval times. A Medieval Times dinner and tournament event also include a souvenir gift and VIP seating. As you wait for the final battle, don’t forget to take pictures of your group.

The food at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Events is delicious! The event’s four-course meal is served in medieval style, with sword fights, falconry, and jousting. Each course includes 2 rounds of drinks and a cash bar. If you’re a foodie, you can enjoy your dinner without having to worry about silverware. You can also enjoy the lavish decorations of the castle.

The atmosphere at Medieval Times is authentic. Guests are seated in an 11th-century European-style castle, and they can watch sword fights and joust. Authentic medieval artifacts and shining armor are also displayed at the event, and guests feast on a four-course medieval meal in pre-silverware. The atmosphere is reminiscent of that of Medieval Europe, so you will feel right at home.

This dinner event is perfect for families with young children. Guests will be treated to a four-course meal while watching breathtaking jousting tournaments. They’ll be cheering for one of six big, beefy knights as they perform their athletic feats and swordplay. All of this is accompanied by a sweeping musical score and brilliant lights. Afterward, the entertainment will continue with a hands-on feast.

In North America, there are 9 Medieval Times locations. You can find one in Myrtle Beach, SC, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Dallas. All locations have free parking, and they are easily accessible by car or bus. Those who have public transportation can take the Lynx or SunRail station nearby. If you’re traveling to the Medieval Times, be sure to bring along a friend!

If you’re looking for an exciting, authentic experience, Medieval Times is the place to go. This entertainment complex takes you to 11th-century Spain, complete with authentic medieval artifacts and costumed knights. The Grand Arena is home to a four-course meal. Guests will enjoy two-hours of action-packed entertainment. To top it all off, two rounds of drinks are included with the meal. You can also purchase additional beverages throughout the show.

At the event, Dona Maria Isabella welcomes guests to the eleventh century. With the sound of trumpets heralding them into the grand ceremonial arena. They are seated in sections representing the kingdoms and colors of the knights. Guests enjoy a four-course medieval meal while watching an authentic jousting match. There’s also an opportunity to watch a royal falcon take flight.

The events will also feature medieval-style games, jousting, and hand-to-hand combat. In addition, you can watch the Knights of the Realm compete in a live tournament. To prepare for the event, you’ll also have to handle the horses. Medieval Times stable staff will work with you to care for the horses. You can also meet the cast members during the event. If you have a desire to take part, you’ll have to apply now.

The first tournaments occurred in the middle of the eleventh century in France. The early form was a mock battle between two horsemen. The term “melee” is also used to describe the modern game of football. A joust is a test of skill where a horseman charges another with a leveled lance. The melee continued in tandem with the joust.

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