Louisiana Art & Science Museum

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum is a great place to take the family in Baton Rouge!

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum are located in downtown Baton Rouge. Established in 1924, it was one of the first museums in the state dedicated to scientific pursuits. Today the museum exhibits a remarkable collection of scientific equipment and historical artifacts. It was originally intended as a school museum, but in the early part of the 20th century the focus was on attracting and enrolling school children. Today it serves a broader purpose with an outreach program focused on science to the community.

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One of the highlights of the museum is the Aquarium. Visitors are able to view various species of aquatic life in their natural habitat. The Louisiana Aquarium Society operates the aquarium, which is the only one of its kind in the state. Along with the aquarium and the adjacent Louisiana Aquarium & Marine Science Museum, visitors can participate in hands-on activities using the state-of-the-art marine creatures and equipment. There is even an exhibit devoted to the Louisiana aquaculture industry, featuring shrimp, catfish and other species of shellfish harvested right here in the Magnolia State.

Other attractions include the historic Castle Gardens, which was created by English architect Sir Richard Francis Burton. The gardens are still open to the public, although they are not as popular as they once were. Other attractions include the grand Hotel des Aliments, which is a reconstructed Medieval French castle. Another popular attraction is the Museum of Wartime Encircle, which showcases the work of a team of artisans, craftsmen and engineers during the latter period of World War I. There are also historical exhibits and reenactments of major events such as the shot heard around the world by President Abraham Lincoln and the Spanish Armada.