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Mold Inspection Tips

Mold Inspection Tips

The environment in your home, in particular the air quality is critical to your family’s health and well-being.  Most people spend almost 90% of their time indoors either in their homes or within their office buildings.  You can see how air quality would have an impact on your overall health.  One of the most common contaminants in the home is mold.  Most people are completely unaware that there is mold in the home.  Mold can’t be seen by the naked eye, the spores are so small.  Mold is dangerous and it can trigger a whole plethora of health problems and it can be particularly dangerous to anyone suffering from respiratory issues.  That’s why it is so important to get regular mold inspections, here are some mold inspection tips.

The Effects of Mold

There are more than half a million varieties of mold we haven’t come close to identifying all of them.  Of the known varieties of mold there are some known to grow indoors and about a 1,000 different strains can be toxic to humans.  You only need to come into contact with just one of the toxic strains to trigger health problems.  Regular inspections and mold removal can prevent mold growth and keep the air quality in your home fresh and safe.  Mold is not only toxic it can damage the structure of the home itself.  If you start to see your insulation crumble or the paint on the walls is peeling it is time to have a specialist come in.

Mold Inspection

An indoor air analysis and a thorough mold inspection can find out if there are any indications of mold.  Should there be any mold it can also give you a good idea of what needs to be done to have it removed.  Experts can identify mold infestations quickly and bear in mind that mold spreads quickly.  The inspector will look through the crawl spaces of the home and the areas surrounding the plumbing.  Finding mold early can help prevent the spread.  Bear in mind that mold can grow on almost any surface including your carpets, walls, drywall, in your furniture, in the basement and it largely goes undetected.

A mold inspection will start with a visual inspection and the inspector will also take readings using a digital moisture monitor.  The inspector will collect samples of different surfaces that will be forwarded to a lab for testing.  A mold inspection needs to be carried out by a pro who understands the process of testing and inspection.

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