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How to Know When You Need Mold Remediation

When you can see mold in your home then you know it is time to bring someone in and remove it, but mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye and that is where the problem lies.  So, how to know when you need mold remediation is a little more complex than just waiting until you actually see the mold, by then it could be too late.  Here are some hints that it is time to bring in a mold expert to come in and inspect your home for mold.

  1. A Flood

Floods or water getting into your home is one of the leading causes of mold in the home.  While water doesn’t always mean you’re going to have mold, you will need to have mold spores present too but a flood will bring them in.  If you have had a flood in the basement or water leaking in through the roof or one of the windows, get it repaired and then bring in an expert so mold doesn’t have the chance to take hold.

  1. Discolored Walls

When mold is present it will cause the drywall or other organic material in your home to change color.  If mold is allowed to grow it will change the color of the walls or wood.  It can come in a variety of colors including black, dark green, white, brown or red.  Mold can look like fuzzy, like grains of sand or it can look like a layer of dust.  Different strains of mold thrive on different foods and different levels of moisture, either way you want that mold gone.  Here is what to look for.

  1. A Musty Smell

Do you smell a musty odor in your home?  A musty odor can also be indicative of mold.  Some molds will smell while they are present although not all of them but if you have a musty smell combined with discolored walls or other indicators of mold, again it is time to bring in an expert.  You may not even see the mold to have mold remediation become necessary.

The sense of smell can vary from person to person and just smell alone is not enough to conclude there is mold.  Active and dead spores are both dangerous to your health.  Exercise caution and if you think for a moment you might have mold then it is time to call an expert with the right testing equipment.

  1. Is Anyone Sick?

You spend a lot of time in your home and your office and if you feel sick while in either of those places but start to feel better when you are away then mold may be the cause of your illness.  You can experience fatigue, chronic headaches, allergy symptoms or respiratory problems.  Any or all of these may indicate the air quality is poor.  If you are having problems with your health at home that clears up while you are on vacation then it is time to have your air quality tested.

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